Rawnice is all about making healthy foods more fun. All products are 100% plant based and vegan. Scoop, mix and enjoy!

About Our Mission

🤩 Make your food more appealing
Give your eyes something to remember because you consume food with your eyes first!

🌈 Crazy vibrant colors
The world across, we have looked for the most powerful natural colours.

About Our Mission

Powerful health benefits
Each product is selected for their unique nutritional profile.

🐟 No fishy taste
Our products have no flavor, making them ideal for blending into dishes and smoothies.

🌱 100% vegan & natural
There are no fillers or additives because all goods are sourced directly from mother nature.

4x5 pineapple boats


Most "health brands" only appeal to a small demographic for whom candy, beer, and cheat days are looked down upon.

At the same time, our Instagram feed is overrun with pictures of people doing complex yoga positions on a beach in Asia, clutching coconuts in well-groomed hands, etc.

That thing is so CLICH and dammit old.

Imagine being hungover and miserable on a Saturday morning, with no motivation to even get out of bed or get your sh*t together.

Your breakfast will be much sexier, you'll become naturally more fit, and your mother will be very proud of you if you sprinkle a tiny bit of our magic fairy dust into your morning smoothie or bowl of oatmeal. Everyone at once!

Your coconut yogis are of course also welcome. She wants Rawnice to be for everyone who can't relate to that ideal healthy lifestyle.

Her? In between her workouts, she sips red wine and listens to the Wu-tang Clan.

Both RAWNICE and she are huge proponents of balance.


We must admit that the story actually starts in 2015, when our founder was sitting on the toilet at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, at the risk of being labeled as a weirdo.

Up until that point, she had never seen a pink smoothie bowl as stunning as the one she came upon.

Scrolling came to an end. Her world was completely altered when her jaw dropped.


The smoothie bowl that started it all...

Only the Red Dragon Fruit's natural flesh was used to tint this pink smoothie. Additionally, it supplied extra nutrients to a bowl of already healthy food in addition to giving the smoothie an absurdly vivid color.

The founder's obsession with making one herself quickly turned into a quest to get the Pink Pitaya.

After doing some internet investigation, she learned that neither the fruit nor the powder of the Pink Pitaya could be purchased anywhere in Scandinavia, let alone the rest of the world.

That's when she understood she had to devise a way to make this incredibly vivid Superfood accessible to the general public.

The Rawnice story then starts...



She would have laughed at the concept of running a business with thousands of really enthusiastic and innovative consumers before that particular moment when she stepped into the bathroom.

And her response would have likely been along the lines of: "An entrepreneur? Me? No way... I'm going to start writing and publish my first book.

The coolest thing to have happened to her thus far in her life is helping individuals unlock their creativity, go further in their health journeys, and connecting with so many amazing customers, even if she still doesn't perceive herself as an entrepreneur.

Right, life can be a wild journey. And this is only the beginning.

Ps. Rawnice have always, and will always be a 100% Vegan business.